During Sukkot, we are called to practice hakhnasat orchim (hospitality to guests). It is said that on each night of Sukkot, magical guests known as ushpizin visit the sukkah. On this VIP guest list are the founding fathers and mothers of Judaism, including Abraham, Sarah, and Moses. Their attendance is conditional, however; if you did not invite earthly guests as well, they will leave. It is also said that the ushpizin will refuse to enter a sukkah where the poor have not been welcomed.

There’s room for everyone in The Elephant in the Sukkah. Get into the spirit of hakhnasat orchim with Henry, the singing elephant. When Henry is drawn to the music he hears in a sukkah, the family finds a way to fit the enormous animal into the fun.

In Tamar’s Sukkah, a girl is excitedly getting her sukkah ready. One by one, her friends bring decorations and snacks, until the party is complete.

In The Best Sukkot Pumpkin Ever, Micah learns about the joy of giving to others. The sukkah is a temporary structure, but the spirit of abundance, gratitude, and generosity it embodies can last all year.

Chag Sameach!