Writing While Walking...or Riding a Donkey?

In my experience the hardest part of writing a story isn’t the actual writing of it—finding all the right words—but finding the right shape for it: the right beginning, the right middle, and the right end. For this hardest part I’m usually not
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Kindness to Animals: Moses and the Runaway Lamb

Children have a natural fondness for animals. The simple sight of a waddling duck at a pond can elicit hand-clapping glee in a preschooler. Puppies are much more than pets, they are treasured childhood friends. Children find comfort in loving
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Recalling My Childhood: My Name is Hamburger

As the author of over fifty children’s books, I have written about the US Constitution, a gigantic mythical bird, Pluto’s demotion, Rabbi Akiva, goblins, a boy with magic sneakers, and an eclectic mix of other topics. But until My Name is
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Justice, Justice Thou Shalt Pursue

Tzedek, tzedek tirdof. 

The late Ruth Bader Ginsburg brought the biblical phrase back into modern parlance, but the pursuit of justice has always been fundamental to what it means to be Jewish. Justice is a work in progress that we should never assume is complete. ...
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Healing the World with Two Simple Words

A child first learning to apologize, will typically hang their head low in shame, avoiding eye contact. The words “I’m sorry” will be soft and meek.  Apologizing is publically admitting to doing something wrong and causing suffering to others. The point of apologizing is to acknowledge where we have gone wrong so that we may do better going forward. Being forgiven is just the icing on the cake....
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Happy Mother’s Day (And Don’t Forget To Call!)

The “Jewish mother” is a cultural icon. Her overbearing love and constant fretting over her children are staples of late-night comedy. If the Jewish mother stereotype tells the story of Jewish assimilation in America, it casts women as secondary
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We Shall Overcome in Hebrew is Anu Nitgaber

At the end of the 19th century, just two generations away from slavery, a girl blessed with a talent for singing was born in Philadelphia. Her name was Marian Anderson and she was musically gifted, but she was Black. Time and time again she had
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The Most Famous Jewish Philanthropist You Never Heard Of

Does the name Judah Touro sound familiar? If your answer is no, you are in good company. Judah Touro was the greatest Jewish-American philanthropist of the 1800s, having donated huge sums of money to hospitals, orphanages, schools, churches and
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#OneKindAct: Rosie Saves the World - Who Are You For?

The Jewish concept of tikkun olam means “to repair the world.” Not only are there many struggles, there are numerous ways a person can help each one. That is a massive undertaking. Where does one even begin? War, oppression, climate
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School’s Out for Summer! Hot Books for Warm Days

Summer is a time to say goodbye to long days in school, and say hello to long summer days in the sun relaxing with friends.  But for some, summer is also time for new places, new people and new experiences.

The unique experience of a Jewish summer camp, with Shabbat celebrations, special songs, dances, art, and activities introduces campers to the richness of Judaism and helps build Jewish identity.  But going to camp for the first time, may bring worries about making friends, getting homesick, and trying new things.  Even veteran campers may want to try out these books to see a slice of life at a Jewish camp.

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