Healing the World with Two Simple Words

A child first learning to apologize, will typically hang their head low in shame, avoiding eye contact. The words “I’m sorry” will be soft and meek.  Apologizing is publically admitting to doing something wrong and causing suffering to others. The point of apologizing is to acknowledge where we have gone wrong so that we may do better going forward. Being forgiven is just the icing on the cake....
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Something New for Rosh Hashanah: Be Like the Moon

Before there was a set calendar for the Jewish year, the beginning of a new month would be declared by the Jewish court when the new moon emerged in the sky. To let the people know, fires would be set on hilltops.

Today, as in ancient times, the moon’s journey around the earth takes approximately 29 days. The lunar cycle, however, doesn’t start when the moon is full. The new moon that marks the beginning of the month is invisible to the human eye, filling out mid-cycle before fading away again....

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An Apple for the New Year!

Enter any preschool classroom and you will likely find an image of a big red apple. It is one of the first words that children learn to read: A is for Apple . A reading nook might feature a bespectacled worm, sometimes donning a graduation cap,
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New Beginnings in Fall - Fresh New Books from Kar-Ben

September always feels like a new beginning—the start of the school year, the launch of a new book season, and the start of the Jewish New Year. All three converge at Kar-Ben Publishing, an imprint of Lerner Publishing, proudly the largest publisher of exclusively Jewish-themed children’s books in the world!

Just as the new year (which happens to be 5780) begins on Rosh Hashanah, Kar-Ben’s new book season kicks off with a Rosh Hashanah board book featuring an old friend. In Shanah Tovah,Grover!, Grover and his Sesame Street friends prepare for the holiday and wish each other “Shanah Tovah” (Hebrew for “a good year”)!

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