Join Kar-Ben Kids’ Seasonal Book Box subscription program for Educators! Click to fill out an order form to enroll today!

1) Why should my institution join Kar-Ben Kids’ Seasonal Book Box subscription program?

Your school or library is already purchasing many Kar-Ben titles, and you have likely missed out on ordering new Kar-Ben titles due to staff turnover or inconsistent ordering. You’re ending up with gaps in your collection.

You can choose from one of our 3 plans to receive only the books that meet your institution’s needs. It's an easy, inexpensive and time-saving way to keep your classroom or library stocked with all the newest Kar-Ben titles hot off the press at a savings! No membership fee, no enrollment fee.

2) How much do I save when I order books through a Kar-Ben Kids’ Seasonal Book Box subscription?

You save 20% off the list price of every book in the shipment. New starting Fall 2023: Book Box subscriber's also receive a discount code to receive 20% off future orders, included in their box.

3) How does the subscription work?

Twice a year, Fall and Spring, you will receive a shipment with a copy of every NEW Kar-Ben book published that season, from 6-12 books depending on the plan you select. All books will be quality hardcover or board book binding.

4) What are my plan options?

Choose from one of these 3 plans:
Alef Plan – All new board books and easy picture books suitable for grades PreK-2
Bet Plan – All new picture, story and activity books suitable for grades K-12
Gimel Plan – All new Kar-Ben titles

5) Are books returnable?

No. Books are not returnable, as they are offered at a discount.

6) When will I receive my books?

Books will ship as soon as all books for the season are received in our warehouse. This may mean that shipments that include High Holidays books (Fall) or Purim books (Spring) arrive after the holiday. You will always receive your Hanukkah and Passover titles before the holiday.

7) Can I cancel without penalty?

Yes. You can cancel at any time by phone or e-mail. Registering is easy!

Just fill in the form or email [email protected] today!