A Cemetery Wedding During a Pandemic- As Told by Puppets!

Today’s blog post is by Ben Gown, producer of the family-friendly musical puppet show, The Girl and the Water Carrier , based on the Kar-Ben book,  The Wedding That Saved A Town . Welcome, Ben!    As the producer of the
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When a Book Is Really Good, You Don’t Want It to End

We often talk about God as a writer and ourselves as characters in a great ongoing story. This is particularly true during the High Holidays when we pray to be inscribed in the Book of Life. Holy books are sacrosanct for Jews. When no longer
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Recalling My Childhood: My Name is Hamburger

As the author of over fifty children’s books, I have written about the US Constitution, a gigantic mythical bird, Pluto’s demotion, Rabbi Akiva, goblins, a boy with magic sneakers, and an eclectic mix of other topics. But until My Name is
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