An Iron Lady from Humble Origins: A Lesson in Courage

In 1898 Goldie Mabovitch was born in Kiev, Ukraine. One of Goldie’s first childhood memories was watching her father board up their home in fear that a pogrom would soon be on their doorstep. It is hard to imagine such an experience through the
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Behind the Scenes: Beni's War

Tammar Stein is back with the sequel to The Six-Day Hero, Beni's War . This novel follows the journey of Beni, as he learns friendship, bravery, and trust all the while the Yom Kippur War has begun. We interviewed Tammar Stein and went behind the scenes to find out the inspiration behind the novel, personal story attachments, and other interesting facts about this Kirkus Starred Review novel.
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#OneKindAct: Rosie Saves the World - Who Are You For?

The Jewish concept of tikkun olam means “to repair the world.” Not only are there many struggles, there are numerous ways a person can help each one. That is a massive undertaking. Where does one even begin? War, oppression, climate
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