The Best Thing About Camp? Memories For A Lifetime

Summer camp—the memory probably brings a smile to your face. You can practically still smell the bonfire and the pine trees. Summers at camp are some of the most intense experiences in a young person’s life. Camp friendships (and crushes!) come fast and strong....
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The Dancing Swan Finds Her Superpower

Lily Marks felt like an “ugly duckling.” As a child, her flat feet and weak knees meant that she walked differently from other people. Orthopedic shoes and leg braces were meant to correct the issue, but made her stand out even more from other
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Stranger and Friends

Who exactly is a stranger? The word strange can mean unfamiliar or unexpected, but it can also imply weird or abnormal. Jewish text instructs us to love the stranger, remembering that once we were strangers in Egypt. We will be strangers many times over in our lives: on the first day at a new school or at a new job....
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Celebrating PRIDE with Apples and Oranges

The orange is known for its healing properties. In the top ten for list for vitamin C, it is one of the first foods we reach for when we have the sniffles. You can almost smell the sunshine when you cut into the juicy tropical fruit....
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