How the Mexican Dreidel Began to Spin

Ever wonder what starts a tale spinning? The Mexican Dreidel story is, so to speak, a spin-off from a course on the History of Latin American Jewry. That course was taught by Amherst College Professor Ilan Stavans, a Mexican Jew.  I
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Volunteer Nation

What are the emotions and traits of Israelis in the post-7th of October world? The answer is: grief, anger, disgust, exhaustion, and fear, but also unity, courage, strength, pride, and love.    I live in Tel Aviv, around the corner
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A Wild, WILD Hanukkah

A Wild, WILD Hanukkah is a tribute to the Hanukkah celebrations of my childhood, full of laughter, love, and joy.  Growing up, we lived on a block that had only one other Jewish family, so most of the surrounding houses were full of
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Counting on Shabbat and Counting on Kindness

People often ask why a particular story might be conceived as a board book. For me, Counting on Shabbat had to be a board book because I was writing it to thank the little great grandchildren that were bringing my elderly mother so much
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