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Tu B'Av: Jewish Day of Love

Posted by on 8/4/2020
The 15 th of Av marks the holiday Tu B’av, the Jewish day of love. There are many different kinds of love a person can have towards others, from familial to romantic and everything in between. We would like to highlight some of our books that

#OneKindAct: Snack and Hygiene Kits

Posted by on 6/12/2020
Our #OneKindAct series has been focusing on community-based mitzvot and encouraging families to participate in Tikkun Olam within their communities. We have put together suggested lists for snack kits and hygiene kits families can put together and drop off at local food drives, inspired by the Survival Kit activity from “Green Bible Stories for Children”. 

Papercuts for Shavuot

Posted by Kar-Ben Team on 5/22/2020

#OneKindAct: Jumping Jenny - Channeling Passion into Mitzvot!

Posted by Kar-Ben Team on 5/15/2020
What makes someone unique? Each person, kids and adult alike, has their own special talents and passions. There are those that excel at sports, play an instrument, or enjoy baking tasty treats. For Jenny, from Jumping Jenny , it’s jumping! She

Celebrate Mother's Day with Kar-Ben

Posted by on 5/8/2020
On Mother’s Day we honor our moms for all the love, support, and care they give us. Celebrate your mother with a mother-related book, and a bouquet of paper towel roses! 

Hanukkat Habayit: Celebrate Moving to a New Home!

Posted by on 5/6/2020
Hanukkat HaBayit is the Jewish ceremony celebrating moving into a new home. In “Mezuzah on the Door” by Amy Meltzer (make this a link to the book), Noah learns “mezuzah” is the Hebrew word for “doorpost,” and, like the Torah, the scroll inside is

Ways to Practice Tikkun Olam

Posted by on 4/17/2020
Tikkun Olam is the Jewish concept of “repairing the world”, meaning that during the course of our lives we should be working towards creating a better environment and community. This can take a lot of different forms when put to practice. It could be as simple as donating money to a charity or starting a compost pile in your backyard. It could also be as big as volunteering at your local food shelter, or supporting a cause you feel passionately about.

Tie-Dye Matzah Cloth Craft

Posted by Passover Crafts for Little Hands on 4/10/2020
Have some old t-shirts? washcloths? bed sheets? Create a fun Afikomen cloth to hide the special matzah in, or a fun Matzah cover for your Shabbat dinner this Passover!

Distance Learning with Marcel Marceau

Posted by Kar-Ben Team on 4/3/2020
In last week’s episode of Unorthodox, Tablet Magazine’s podcast, Jesse Eisenberg spoke about his upcoming role as Marcel Marceau in the film Resistance. Not only was it an interesting conversation, but it also got us thinking about our Picture Book Marcel Marceau: Master of Mime and how we can bring this impactful book to you. Given the demand for lessons and ways to teach Judaism at home, we have created a modified lesson from the book’s eSource guide that teachers or parents can do at home! 

An Animal's Shalom Bayit

Posted by Kar-Ben Team on 3/20/2020

In Kar-Ben’s latest board book, Shalom Bayit: A Peaceful Home, different animals are depicted relaxing in their homes. From a bird family in a nest high in a tree to worms burrowing in deep in the ground, every animal has a home where they feel safe and comfortable.

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 Tu B'Av: Jewish Day of Love
 #OneKindAct: Snack and Hygiene Kits
 Papercuts for Shavuot
 #OneKindAct: Jumping Jenny - Channeling Passion into Mitzvot!
 Celebrate Mother's Day with Kar-Ben

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