My Book Dedication

Throughout my life, I have been influenced by many amazing women from my grandmothers to my mother to teachers to literary heroes. They all have taken a role in molding me who I am today as an author, a sister, a mother, and a humanitarian. 
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A Jerusalem Baby’s Lullaby

I see a young man on the street holding a baby and repeating over and over the words, “For God will order angels to guard you wherever you go.” (Psalm 91:11) I remember my father singing these words every Friday night. We still sing it in my
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The Whisper of My Ancestors

This Shabbat, a week later, was a day of peace. Pieces of our battered spirits being picked up and examined, as reality sinks in because there is nothing to distract us. No phone, no Facebook, no Instagram, or X to post on, to howl #HamasisISIS.
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