5 Ways Cats Show Affection

Cats are very communicative animals with many different ways to show a person how they are feeling. From meowing or purring to flicking of the ear or tail, cats will let you know what they need or how they feel about you. Here are five of the ways a cat displays affection towards a human. 

Kitty Kisses
A cat kiss is when a cat slowly blinks theirs eyes at you. It demonstrates a deep level of trust and love for the person they are blinking at.

Happy tail dance
When a cat is particularly happy to see you, their tails will do a little dance. Their tails will stand upright with a curve at the top and they will flick it back in forth as a display of happiness.

One of the ways a cat will mark you as their special human is by bunting. This is when they give a little head-butt to your face or rub their face on yours. It’s a way for them to share their pheromones with you, so others know that you are marked.

Kneading is a rather instinctual thing for cats. It’s a behavior that gives them a sense of security and calmness. When they do it to your belly, it tells you that they feel calm around you.

Showing belly
The belly of a cat is a highly vulnerable area. If they show you theirs, usually by a cute rollover and a stretch, they trust you completely.

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