If we are fish in the ocean, every move we make creates ripples that reach from shore to shore. The impact of a kind act, a smile, or a heartfelt thank you can stretch for miles. Multiply that kind act by all the fish in the sea and the ripples become waves in the water. We have the power to change our world if we are intentional about the kind of energy we put out into the universe. We can change the tide.

In Hebrew, we say mitzvah goreret mitzvah, one good deed brings about another good deed. This chain reaction is the theme of Kar-Ben’s One Good Deed. Lancaster Street is a gloomy and unfriendly place until, one day, a little boy takes some berries to the woman living next door. Touched by the gesture, she bakes a pie that she shares with another neighbor. On and on the mitzvot go until the sun is shining on Lancaster Street’s happy neighborhod.

You can also celebrate the little acts of kindness that, collectively, have a big impact in Kol Hakavod: Way To Go!

“Kol Hakavod!” you might hear some one say!

It’s “Good for you!” and so much more,

the width of the world, the sky to the floor.

’Cause when you’ve helped however you could,

“Kol Hakavod!” Now someone feels good!

One kind act might seem like a drop in the ocean. From land, we can only see movement on the surface of the water, but there are all kinds of currents moving below. The waves start at the bottom. People only see them once their momentum is unstoppable. One little act of kindness, one mitzvah, can make a big difference in the world.