Have some old t-shirts? washcloths? bed sheets? Create a fun Afikomen cloth to hide the special matzah in, or a fun Matzah cover for your Shabbat dinner this Passover!

What you need: 
Food Coloring 
3 small bowls 
Large piece of cloth (t-shirt, handkerchief, kitchen towel, etc) 

Crayons What you do: 
1. Write the word AFIKOMEN or MATZAH in the middle of the cloth. Press hard with the crayon. Draw Passover designs around the edges. 
2. Put a cup of water in each bowl. Add a few drops of a different food coloring to each bowl. 
3. Twist a corner of the cloth and dip it into one color. Squeeze it dry. Twist another corner and dip it into a different color. Squeeze it dry. Keep Twisting and dipping and squeezing until the cloth is covered. Dry flat. 

And voila! You have created your very own Afikomen/Matzah cloth for a colorfully fun Passover! 

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