Kristallnacht happened on November 9, 1938. Though it occurred eighty years ago, Kristallnacht remains an important historical event about which children should learn. Violence and intolerance can be difficult concepts to grasp, and Benno and the Night of Broken Glass is a picture book that thoughtfully and carefully introduces young readers to the Holocaust--especially to how normalcy can devolve so quickly--through the eyes of a neighborhood cat. 

Benno was the neighborhood's favorite cat. During the week, he napped in a sunny corner of Mitzi Stein's dress shop, and begged scraps from Moshe the Butcher. He spent Shabbat evenings with Sophie Adler's family in Apartment 3B. But one night the Nazis came to Berlin. Windows were shattered, books were burned, and Benno's Jewish friends disappeared. Life would never be the same.

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Praise for Benno and the Night of Broken Glass:

"[W]hat truly distinguishes this book is the striking multimedia artwork composed of paper, fabric, and drawn images in hues of olive, brown, and red. Interesting angles, textures, and patterns add to the visual effect throughout. . . . [T]he message of terror and sadness that marks the beginning of the Holocaust is transmitted in a way that is both meaningful and comprehensible."
--School Library Journal

"It is not easy to tell young kids the horrifying truth about the Holocaust, but this picture book is a good place to start."