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Real Readers Respond: Dvorah K. Reads "The Six-Day Hero"

Posted by Guest blogger on 9/27/2017 to Israel
We love when young readers share their thoughts about Kar-Ben books. Want to share your perspective (and maybe appear on our blog)? Send reviews to jcolella(at)karben.com. Reader Dvorah, age 14, recently read The Six-Day Hero by Tammar Stein. 

Israel is only 19 years old. Thats the same age as Mottiís older brother- Gideon. His country is surrounded by enemies, Motti knows that war is coming. He wishes he could go fight and help his country. He wants to be a hero! But when his best friend flees and his brother goes to fight, Motti realizes this isn't a game.

Motti finds hope in unexpected places. In the kind priest who lives nearby- you would never expect that! Also, in his grouchy old neighbor, and the young helpful Germans. In his fathers childhood friend, and in the stray cat that roams the streets. 
I learned from this that hope can come in any shapes or sizes, and you can be a hero in your own way. Motti discovers this while Israelís fate is being tested. He may even be a hero himself!

I cant imagine living in the fear that war is coming to my hometown! Motti is so brave! I don't know how he could do what he did, while everything around him was crumbling. He discovered his own hero inside himself.

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