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Real Readers Respond: Dvorah K. Reads "Escape from Egypt"

Posted by Guest blogger on 10/1/2017

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Reader Dvorah, age 14, recently read Escape from Egypt. The novel, by Eric Kimmel, is all about the adventures of a brother and sister who are transported by magic carpet to biblical times. 

Itís the Passover seder night, and everyones getting cranky, including twins Scarlett and Sam. Both of them want to sing the 4 questions! They are arguing and fighting, and grandma Mina is getting tired of it. All of a sudden, they get swept up by her magic carpet and are flying back to ancient Egypt! They are stranded in the past, and if thatís not bad enough, they have to see their fellow Hebrews suffer in slavery.

Enough is enough! They team up with Moses, Aaron, and Miriam to save their people and get them out of Egypt! Their future is looking bright. But the story they know so well doesn't play out exactly how they expectedÖ

I think its so cool that Scarlett and Sam got to be a part of history. This changed our lives forever! I would love to help Moses and Aaron get the Jews out of Egypt! 

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