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#OneKindAct: Snack and Hygiene Kits

Posted by on 6/12/2020
Our #OneKindAct series has been focusing on community-based mitzvot and encouraging families to participate in Tikkun Olam within their communities. We have put together suggested lists for snack kits and hygiene kits families can put together and drop off at local food drives, inspired by the Survival Kit activity from “Green Bible Stories for Children”. 

Suggested items for snack pack: 
Granola Bars 
Individual peanut butter packets 
Bottle of water 
Juice Box
Fruit snacks 
Packaged cookies 
Bags of chips 
Ramen packet 

Suggested items for hygiene pack: 
Hand sanitizer
Band aids 
Wet wipes 
Cotton balls 
Body wash/soap 
Cough drops 

We recommend using sandwich bags and placing them in gallon-sized sealed plastic bags for easy drop-off.
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