Quite a few readers notice that the majority of my picture books read like poems. Even if they don’t rhyme. They use all the trappings of poetry: lyricism, metaphor, simile, rhythm, internal rhymes, alliteration, etc.

This is not happenstance nor mere chance. I wrote my first poem (rhymed though not particularly well rhymed) in first grade. (I was  kindergarten age but as I had been reading since three years old, my parents and teachers decided I should be skipped ahead.

Was that first-grade poem any good? Let’s just say I have improved quite a bit since then but never lost my enthusiasm for writing verse.

A number of my picture books began as a poem. I write a lot of poems. Over 365 a year. I send  out a poem a day (sometimes two) to my over  1,100 subscribers. Have been doing so for seven years. They range from the personal to the political, from birds and birding (my entire family are birders), to lives and deaths, and falling in love as a widow. If you want to join and get a poem a day from me—it’s free, though at each month’s end, you will need to either read a book of mine you already have or buy a new book like MIRIAM AT THE RIVER.

To join:   http://eepurl.com/bs28ab

Here is one of my new Jewish poems to accompany MIRIAM: 


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