Hanukkat HaBayit is the Jewish ceremony celebrating moving into a new home. In Mezuzah on the Door by Amy Meltzer, Noah learns “mezuzah” is the Hebrew word for “doorpost,” and, like the Torah, the scroll inside is handwritten. When his parents invite guests to the Hanukkat HaBayit celebration, Noah learns that putting up the mezuzah is a mitzvah and blesses those who live in the house. 

Create a mezuzah, like Noah’s, for the doorway of your home or your room. 

Things you need: 
  • Empty toilet paper tube or glue stick
  • Colorful construction paper or wrapping paper 
  • Glue or paste
  • Computer paper

What to do:
1. Wrap the toilet paper tube with colorful paper and decorate.
2. Draw the Hebrew letter Shin  on the case or cut out the letter from contrasting paper and glue to the case.
3. Create scroll by cutting a strip from the piece of white paper, the right size to fit into the case when rolled.
4. Use the text below (or write out the Sh'ma yourself) and paste onto your strip of paper. 
5. Roll up the scroll and place inside the toilet paper tube. 

To place on doorpost: 
1. Using tape or putty (ask an adult what adhesive is OK to use) place your mezuzah on the doorpost at an angle with the top of the mezuzah facing into the room, on the top third of the right side of the doorpost 
2. Recite the mezuzah blessing