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Celebrate Mother's Day with Kar-Ben

Posted by on 5/8/2020
On Mother’s Day we honor our moms for all the love, support, and care they give us. Celebrate your mother with a mother-related book, and a bouquet of paper towel roses! 

Create a beautiful bouquet of roses for your mother/female-figure.

Things you need:
Paper towel Bowls of water 
Food coloring (if you don’t have food coloring you can use coffee, tea, or colorful fruit juice) 
Pencil/Pen (will be the stem)
Glue/paste Scotch tape or other clear tape 

To dye paper towel: 
1. Place a few drops of food coloring into separate bowls of water and stir (pour colored juices, coffee or tea into different bowls). 
2. Loosely fold or crunch up the paper towel 
3. Dip sections of the paper towel into the different bowls of colored liquid, continue until the whole paper towel is covered with color
4. Unfold and let dry 

To make roses: 
1. Cut your paper towel in half. Fold each piece in half again the long way (hot-dog style). Then fold the folded edge again, this time only half-way. 
2. Apply a small amount of glue to the eraser end of pencil or the bottom of pen and wrap one of the pieces of paper towel around, gluing the end down 
3. Take the other piece of paper towel and glue one edge to the rose. Wrap around and around, gradually moving the folded edge a little lower than the starting point 
4. Glue the outer edge down. For added flare, fold the outside edges of your “petals” down a little to look like a rose 
5. Where the base of the rose joins the pencil, place some tape to secure it in place
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