Build Your Classroom, School or Synagogue Library and create a special way to celebrate students' birthdays!

Here’s how it works:
1. Send out a letter to parents on your school letterhead at the end of the summer before school begins, or as early in the school year as possible, explaining the program. (Download sample parent letter/order form.) The letter gives parents the opportunity to purchase, for $20 per book, one hardcover book for your school to be donated on the month of their child's birthday, including a bookplate with the child's name. The books may be selected either by the school, by the parents from your school "wish list," or just by the parents. (Note: The Birthday Club can be initiated any month of the school year. Just be sure to include all birthdays from June through September, October or whenever Club begins in the May book shipment so no child’s birthday gets missed.) 

2. Collect the parent order forms and payments, made out to your school, by October 1 or as early in the school year as possible, so the birthday donations can begin early in the school year.

3. Send in your order to Kar-Ben, and we’ll deliver the whole year's worth of books to you, including bookplates. Bookplates can then be filled in with child’s name and stickered into the books. 
Choose from our full catalog of books. The $20 fee per parent will cover any hardcover book in the catalogue or on the website (or $12 worth of paperbacks, board books or other items) plus book plates and shipping.