Did you ever think, I bet I could write a book but I don’t know how? Well, here’s a secret. I believe that we’re all storytellers. As a matter of fact, we tell stories everyday. Think about it. We don’t talk in laundry lists, like, “I went to the store,” “I sat down,” “I ate dinner.”
When we chat with friends and family, we weave tales that we think will be interesting or funny or sad, even if we have to embellish them a bit.
For example, “I went to the store,” can become a story about the friend you ran into at the mall and how, while showing him a new karate kick, you accidentally backed into a big display of legos and sent zillions of plastic pieces crashing to the ground. Then, as you fled in panic, your mom chased you through the stores.
You might be thinking, “Well nothing exciting ever happens to me.” But what would happen if you took an everyday experience and added some dramatic twists and turns?
So what if, maybe, during Sukkot, you noticed some squirrels dodging around the sukkah tent. You could embellish that memory with funny details and turn it into a story. What if a particularly crazy, chittering squirrel jumped onto the table? What if he plowed right through Grandma’s kreplach and she started to shriek? What if Uncle Dave started chasing him, swinging
a tree branch around like a lightsaber? What if the baby got excited and started flinging creamed
spinach at cousin Eric? And so on....
See what I mean? You can take a plain experience and shape it any way you want.
And this is exactly how my book Noah Green Saves the World started it out. I took some of my camp memories, gave them some quirky twists, and voila! A story emerged.
Now it’s your turn to give it a try!

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