In Kar-Ben’s latest board book, Shalom Bayit: A Peaceful Home, different animals are depicted relaxing in their homes. From a bird family in a nest high in a tree to worms burrowing in deep in the ground, every animal has a home where they feel safe and comfortable.


Do you know about a squirrel’s shalom bayit?

A squirrel can be found in deciduous forests. That means forests with tall trees with wide leaves, like an oak tree or a maple tree. They will gather twigs and leaves and create a nest high up in a tree or in a hole in the trunk. Many predators to squirrel’s live on the ground, so making a next up high protects them from harm.


Do you know about a harvest mouse’s shalom bayit?

A harvest mouse constructs their shalom bayit from strips of grass they tear with their teeth. They weave them together into a round next the size of a tennis ball and attach it to strong grass stems in a well-hidden area. They are normally found in the grasslands of Europe or Asia.


Do you know about a sea turtles shalom bayit?

A seas turtle’s shalom bayit is the warms parts of the open ocean and sea. They travel thousands of miles to lay their eggs. Sea turtles can usually be found resting on beaches or swimming with the fishes in coral reefs. The shallow waters are warmer and a better environment for them to live in.

Do you know about a worms shalom bayit?

A worm’s shalom bayit is deep within the warm, wet dirt of the earth. They live under wet leaves or within tunnels. The best time to see a worm is right after it rains. The super wet soil brings them up from their burrowed tunnels and onto the wet surfaces, like sidewalks.

What about your shalom bayit? What kind of shalom bayit do you live in?

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