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Hannah's Way (Paperback)

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Hannah's Way (Paperback)
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After Papa loses his job during the Depression, Hannah’s family moves to rural Minnesota, where she is the only Jewish child in her class. When her teacher tries to arrange carpools for a Saturday class picnic, Hannah is upset. Her Jewish family is observant, and she knows she cannot ride on the Sabbath. What will she do? A lovely story of friendship and community.
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Author: Linda Glaser
Illustrator: Adam Gustavson
Ages: 5-9
Grades: K-3
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"This is a sweet story, based on fact, of a community accepting a stranger with a different religion." --Publishers Weekly 
"Kar-Ben Publishing, in its present location in Minneapolis, has issued an authentic Minnesotan Jewish story, in a high quality picture book. Hannah’s Way is enthusiastically recommended for all Jewish and public library children’s collections, and especially for all elementary school libraries." --Association of Jewish Libraries  
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  • 32 Pages
  • 9 5/8 x 9 3/4
  • Full-Color Illustrations
  • Original Artwork
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